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It didn't take long for these to pop up on my facebook feed. They're almost as helpful as original. I genuinely fear for collective safety in UK with continued misguided & unclear messaging. @JohnAmaechi thought these might amuse & anger you #COVID19 #socialmarketing #fail


This is incredible. Thank you to the @CharteredColl for writing it, making sure the powers that be notice it and advocating for teachers across the country. If you aren’t a member I really do recommend you check them out!

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  • five suggestions for universal PhD ‘after-care’ 25th May 2020
    One of the things that has become  obvious during lockdown is how much more we might do for PhDers contemplating their futures. If ever there was a time to start something better and more supportive for researchers in our care, … Continue reading →

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  • Where I call bullshit on the way we do the PhD 12th May 2020
    There’s a looming economic crisis in higher education. Perhaps you have lost work already and you’re wondering how you will support yourself (I’m really sorry). It’s hard to know if you’ll get more or less teaching next semester and what form it will take. Will it be online? Or face to face? Maybe your courses […]