Zotero is an amazing tool for collecting and organising literature references and I am gradually getting used to its abundant features. I’ve also come across PaperShip which has apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Being a Mac user, I had to take a look!

I came across PaperShip looking for a way to access my Zotero references and notes on my phone. I believe the only way to do that directly using Zotero is to use the browser.

PaperShip allows you to open PDFs from Zotero on the iPhone and to find all your references. This is great if you’re in the library and need to check your list.

If you pay £9.99 for the ‘PDF Annotations Pack’ you can use your iPhone or iPad to draw/write on the PDF and you can also add notes as stickies.

The Mac app is another £9.99 and the PaperShip website demos how this syncs between devices.  I haven’t paid for it yet – I’ll see how useful it is first and whether I need to be able to annotate PDFs. I’d be interested to hear from others who use it or have alternatives.

PaperShip also works with Mendeley

Iamge above is of PaperShip‘s website