It’s the beginning of April 2024 and 55 months into my EdD journey. I thought I should post a progress update. I’ve successfully completed all my taught modules, written 42,800 assessed words (UCL word counts do not include references or appendices), completed my upgrade, and am now actually working on my thesis.

For anyone interested in the EdD programme, here is my list of written documents to date:

    • Foundations of Professionalism (FOP) – 5,000
    • Methods of Enquiry I (MOE1) – 5,497
    • Methods of Enquiry II (MOE2) – 5,479
    • Institution Focused Study (IFS) – 19,676
    • Portfolio Reflective Statement (PRS) – 2,150
    • Thesis proposal – 4,998

In March 2024 I presented a poster at an Institute of Education Centre for Doctoral Education Poster Conference. This took a few weeks to prepare and a final version of the poster had to be submitted three weeks before the conference in order for it to be printed A0 size. It was worth the effort as I took the opportunity to discuss my thinking with other EdD and PhD students.

I began collecting data for my thesis at the beginning of February and have completed nine interviews to date. There are a few more initial interviews planned after the school holidays. See this post explaining my methods, with a particular focus on positionality, which was the theme of my poster.

During the next few months I plan to complete my initial interviews and prepare for some focus group interviews in the summer. I will also begin writing! I promise to do another progress update soon.

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash